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These two doujins are my very first printed out doujinshi (in December 2004).

Inukai and SanaKiri doujin for saleCollapse )

As for payment, I'll take Paypal only. If you're interested on buying them, please type down your country and your email address.


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it's been a while since I've seen an AV that fucking-smexy... rawr *paws*

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Because I've got nothing to do for a while and artist-blockness had attacked my brain again... so I ended up sewing more plushies and I don't know what to do with them now XD; *is burried under tons of plushies* X_x;;;

phear the plushies! (3)Collapse )

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Taken this from anyone who had done this before XD!

I can't stop laughing at my result... dude like an armor of Biology! I SHALL KILL YOU WITH THE FLASK! *throws them like shurikens* w00t!

I escaped from the Dungeon of Cyberhell!

I killed Rainedrops the rat, Nov Raine the leprechaun, Delbor the leprechaun, Aurillion the rat and Chaltier the kobold.

I looted the Axe of Lecumedesjour S, the Armour of Kann Opener, the Dagger of Dragonempire, the Dagger of Martial Arts, a Figurine of Fffshuuu, a Figurine of Pinneagig, the Armour of Biology and 49 gold pieces.

Score: 149

Explore the Dungeon of Cyberhell and try to beat this score,
or enter your username to generate and explore your own dungeon...

and a few more meme XDCollapse )

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I just made another experiment with the knitting *nods*

two more...Collapse )

And that's for a while~ *rolls away*

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Your Career as a Deadly Assassin (LJ) by maxgallagher
You first killed at age7
Your victim wasYour pimp
Your trademark weaponDual pistols
Your reputationCompetitive and egotistical
You work withdragonempire
You kill forRevenge
In the end, you are defeated by_aurillion_
Your deathPublic execution
Your career body-count505

damn, man... how cool is that? LOL just the things that I will do... and my death is public execution *smirks* _aurillion_ caught me XD; My weapon is dual pistols... so bloody sexah! RAAAWWRRR!! *is shot* X_x;

[edit] Okay, because I'm bored now though I seriously should do/finish my doujinshis. I've got a few memes that I did >D

Under the cut because they're so many of them LOLCollapse )

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Geh, seriously I've never thought I'm gonna starts making the mini-scarf... but but OMG they're so cute *cuddles the mini-scarfs* they're like so small yet so warm! I can even wear them LOL *though the length is so damn short XD;*

When I've finished the second one, my mom actually came into my room and she seemed impressed at how I've managed to knit two scarfs in such a short time (well, they're very small LOL if you asked me to knit two human sized scarf... then I'll just plunge myself into the ocean LMAO)

She looked really interested too in the knitting <3 She asked me what they're for... when I told her about the dolls, she just ran away LMAO I think she could feel the radiant of 'I want a Hound~ and SA Saint~' radiated from me, so she decided to flee LOL XD;

Well, I've shown her the doll piccus we had in the doll meet in noctisette's place and the mall, mom actually really liked them. Yet when she knew about how much they costed (for 1 LOL), she turned sour on them XD;;; lol I still have to pursuade her on letting me get at least one of the doll *wibbles at her and got ignored* eee... meanie T_T;

the two mini-scarfs <3 (4 piccus)Collapse )

And... I've found these old memes on my LJ (like some posts from years ago LOL) and I've decided to do them again XD Since it's the interesting <3

2 old memesCollapse )

...... *twitches, diez from too much laughing* x.x

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And this hobby totally made me feel so old, like really really old LMAO because the thing is...Collapse )

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Lol I fell asleep on my chair while working on my manga pages and just woken up (or maybe jumped awake to be exact) rudely XD;

I guess it's the dream's fault that I had last night *sighs* Maybe my brain got the idea for that dream from The Mist movie XD;;; yeah, the night before I decided to watch The Mist. It's a horror movie that includes monsters and other kind of gore stuff *diez* *dodges everything aimed at her head* X_x;;;;

Onto the dreamCollapse )

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1 OC Paper doll...Collapse )

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When people dreams that they flying,
Soars through the sky,
I dreams of falling...
Falling to the deep abyss.

Where the darkness engulf me,
Holding me like a baby,
Where no one can't reach us,
To hurt us.

Listens to the sound of silence,
Inside the coiling surge,
You're alone,
Ntil the day you die.


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Urgh, alright I’ve been trying to get a few weight off (and it’s been slow since the last time I tried to go on diet). I guess it’s really easy to gain weight and such a hell to try to get it off *head desks*

I’ve managed to get 3kg off by eating less rice (like if I usually ate 1 plate of rice, now I take only 1/4 of the usual portion) and I too changes my meals too:

- Breakfast: a toast and a cup of tea (no sugar)
- Lunch: a normal meal (veggies with chicken, and ¼ rice)
- Dinner: fruits salad (1 apple, ½ melon, ¼ papaya)

And with that I’ve only managed to get 3 kg off *sobs head desks* I once desperately try to starve myself off which changes nothing LOL *diez*

People keep telling me to get some exercise daily, but I think I can’t get enough exercise in Jakarta since I don’t know where to go x.x; (and with my mom and dad whose not really a fans of sport… its kinda useless)

So, any suggestion on a good dieting idea? X.x

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Bleeding Through - Love Lost In A Hail Of Gunfire

This was a fucking bomb
For a few seconds, this place was Armageddon
There was a firefight

You are the fucking disease.
Another day, Another memory.
But I have fucking failed.
I turned another lie into the work of a saint.
So where is the cure?
Hundreds of souls with the look of horror on their face.
Now I rise from my knees.
I will not live in misery.
you won't take me.
you won't take me.
now it's me.
now it's me.
All that's left is a bitter taste of a life that once was so promising.
rather cut at the wrist than laugh about your mistakes.
sickness still fills the air.
another life that you wish you could fake.
your eyes will cut through me, but it's a risk, that i must fucking take.
I must take.
so where is the cure?
hundreds of souls with the look of horror on their face.
now I rise from my knees.
I will not live in misery.
you won't take me.
you will not destroy me.
you cannot destroy me.
and i'll fight you with every ounce of strength i have left,
and i'll seal it with a bullet and a kiss.
so look at your fucking horror. horror.
I want to see your face.
show me your true face.
I want to see your face.
show me your true face.
my heart belongs to you, so save me.
my heart belongs to you, so save me, for the sake to give it away.
still beats, (still beats)
still beats, (still beats)
still beats (still beats) inside of me.
my heart belongs to you, so save me.
and my heart still beats.
and my heart still beats.
my heart still beats, so save me.
my heart still beats.

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Here I thought the final boss will be something much more bigger than that... Well he managed to get me panic a bit when he stole all of the brushes technique XD but alas, I managed to win the game without any scratch on Ammy LOL

And so this is my result <3

Play Time: 68hrs 53mnt 49sec (I blame the fishing game for the time... lol)

Day passed: 121

Saves: 221 (again... the fishes lol)

Deaths: 0 (w00t!)

Enemies defeated: 999 (*diez laughing* ... I didn't notice I've killed that many XD;;;)

Money gained: 7,057,250

Demon fangs found: 611

Praise earned: 6331 (whoa... really @_@;)

spoiler thingy in the game...Collapse )

As for the next game I shall play... *checks* uh, Fatal Frame 3? XD; *diez*

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So, as usual went to TimeZone as my hiding place lol And I considered myself lucky because I saw the last few plushies on the counter XD;

And here they are <3 Say hi to: the two new Plushies *hearts*Collapse )

*snuggles the new-plushie-comers LOL*

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haahahaha I don't know why it took so long for me to try Okami... but heck, now when I tried playing it, I can't stop XD;;; LOL the story lines and the interactions between characters really really... CUTE! *ogles at all of them* especially all the reaction between Ammy and those constellation *hearts them muchly* (I can't remember all their names yet... so please ignore me LOL)

My fav. cosntellation so far are the boar, trio monkeys and the snake in a bottle LMAO. I wonder why boar always linked with fire crackers... the boar really reminds me of Ganju from Bleach XD <3 hahahhaa I love the way the boar tried to stop the firecracker from going off *makes grabby hand motions at the boar and watches it ran away* awww.... ;_;

As for the monkeys... the one with cymbal seriously crack my brain XDDDD;;;; the way he tried to catch the other one that flew waaaay too far away from where the group was T_T *sobs, dies laughing at them* <3 And the snake.... so pretty XD and so... cute *snuggles the round bottle*

I haven't finished the game yet... now I'm currently searching for the rest of... 'dogs army' (LOL I can't remember what they're called T_T; that called by Princess... ugh... you know I'm bad at remembering names X_x;) to defeat the Crimson Helmet (is that the right name? LMAO)

The fishing game rocks! I can't stop playing the fishing game LOL T_T I think I've wasted 4 days (in the game) only to fish XD; *is smacked by the Sakura tree Goddess* no seriously... the fishes just so random and so colorful XD; *is smacked again*

and... that guy Waka (is that his name?), like what the heck. Why did he talk like that?! D: I was hoping to see him all gracefully and beautiful... well, he indeed looks beautiful, but mixing french with english while talking.... *faints* X_x; urgh, meh *no comment on him yet LOL*

Hurhurhur I wonder what will happen next on the game... *can't wait ntil tomorrow to continue with the game lol* fufufu, be prepared for more Okami post-spam from me for a while >:D <3

if there are plushies of them... *especially Ammy's and all the constellations* I'm so gonna kill to get them all XD; *loves the Boar and Snake ones*

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Harharhar.... my old comp decided to go berserk on me from yesterday night *sighs* especially my photoshop program T_T;;; first it was alright but then after a few hours it said program error and I couldn't save any piccu that I've been working on (for the last 5 hrs) and as I tried to save it again the PS decided to self destruct and killed the whole comp along with it self...

*silence* ... *head desks*

then after restarting the comp, I tried the PS again and it goes all "PROGRAM ERROR. PROGRAM ERROR" on whatever I tried to do T_T; I even couldn't scan all my linearts because PS doesn't want to link it self with the scanner even though it's already on *sobs* *wails*

and don't laugh... my old comp's RAM is only 32MG (I think... the last time I checked) and I managed to survive with that from 2001 ntil now... X_x; yet I think my patience just reached it limit *head desks, head desks* dude I need a 1GB RAM or even more *screams and wails*

.... *whoring drawing skillz* though I guess my skillz still far far away for doing commissions *sighs, head desks*

So I won't be able to do any drawing at all... my old comp just decided to ignore all drawings that I tried to scan T_T; *sobs wibbles* ngeh... There won't be any drawing and piccus from me for a while then 'ntil I managed to do 'at least' something bout the old comp X-x;;;;

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I know when I've been away from LJ, people had befriended/watched me... and just to make sure whose still active in LJ XD (I want to befriended you back <3)

Come on, party people! Put your hands on the keyboard and reply me "AYE!" XD <3

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Hahahaha, sorry I just have to spam my LJ with piccus now that I've got my own digicam T_T *sobs of happiness* more happiness that I bought it with my own money! *wibbles with joy while huggling the digicam* ahahahaa now be very afraid of my piccu spamness XD! *dodges everything that aimed at her* x.x;

4 piccus of all my plushies XD!Collapse )

hurhurhurhur... *goes around randomly and tries to get more piccus*

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Happy New Year 2008!

may this new year will bring us more luck and joyness of the world!
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